General Medical Care

Focus on preventive screenings, annual health checks, and chronic disease management.

Preventive Care

Multi-specialty support for women, personalised according to age, stage and goals.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation & Training

Correcting pelvic floor issues associated with vaginismus, painful sex, and incontinence, without surgery.

Perinatal Care

Holistic support for mothers from the moment of conception until 1 year postpartum.

Health Education

Corporate health education packages designed to support women at work and at home.

Nutritional Support & Counselling

Educating women on the connection between gut health and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Gynaecological Support

Comprehensive support for hormonal imbalances and intimate wellness from puberty to postmenopause.

Physical Rehabilitation

Strong focus on supporting women with physical rehabilitation through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Mental Health Support & Counselling

Supporting women with their mental health at pivotal moments in their lives and following complex diagnoses.